Hello March

Hello, I just turned on my computer after a month of powering it down and I wanted to share you some of my thoughts about giving up technology. I been practicing a lot more mindfulness this year of my daily habits in order to use my time more productively and rebuild a regular studio practice. I knew I wanted to limit my computer use so I posed a challenge to myself to turn of my computer for the month of February. If I needed directions or information I used my smart phone but deactivated my facebook and logged out of any other social media.  It felt good to step away from technology a bit.

I find now when I do turn on my computer my use of it is much more intentional. It’s too easy to fall into the trap of endless surfing from one media to the next, pinterest, tumblr, blogs, etc.  and becoming over stimulated and under motivated. As an artist inspiration is important but the computer can also be a creative killer. Too much access to what’s happening everywhere else makes it seem like nothing is original anymore. When you are alone in your studio though, nothing beats that moment you have a great idea. It won’t matter if you find somebody doing something similar later because you got there all your own and that feels good.

Here are a few sketches from my recent travels.