Jaclyn Kate is an artist currently residing and working in the Boston Area. She received her BFA in Studio Art and minor in Art History from Plymouth State University. Jaclyn explores her interest in identity through investigating the ancestry of people and objects in her drawings and paintings.

Artist Statement

I’ve long been fascinated by human nature and seek an understanding of how different people behave. My work explores what identifies an individual beyond the surface. We may know who a person is by physical characteristics, but what is it that really makes them that person? There are many factors that influence our intrinsic nature such as genetics, where we live, who and what we surround ourselves with, and the experiences and memories from our personal history.

Memory is the driving force of identity. After experiences that shape a person pass the current moment, they only exist in the mind as a memories. When the body or mind dies so does the identity. The person’s life becomes a memory unique to the individual remembering those passed. Nobody understands their personal story better than themselves, which is why I often use my own history as a starting point.  However, I aim to create work that is relatable through imagery and surface quality. Sometimes the work is a response to my personal experience and sometimes I respond to the work itself as it assumes an identity of its own.

I enjoy working with encaustic wax because of its physical surface quality. The wax lends itself to versatile layering; I use it as a vehicle to collage and embed my drawings and imagery. I like how the process mimics the development of an individual; it is malleable with constant possibility for change. Wax has a naturally cloudy atmosphere and layers can be built up and removed allowing moments of clarity like the recollection of a memory.


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