Update and More work coming soon

Hello. I know it’s been a little while since my last posting. This summer has been very transitional for me since graduating college. I’ve been going through my artwork in preparation to move in September and there are some bodies of work I am photographing to add on here. I’ll also be attending a workshop at the beginning of September I hope to share some experiences from. Soon After which I’ll be posting new work once I get settled into my new place.

I want to get back into some acrylic painting as it is easier to set up than encaustic. It’s been difficult to find the space to practice encaustic since I know longer have my university studio. I think it will translate my ideas well and I can explore new ways of layering. I’ve been looking the works of Ian Francis and Lorella Paleni recently. I especially like how Ian Francis uses a combination of loose abstract areas with moments of clearer imagery. I can very much relate to than in my work dealing with memory. Check out these selections of their work below.

IF1Ian Francis Constructed 2886 Miles Away Outside of Reality, an Oceanfront Mansion Waits for its Moment 2013

IF2Ian Francis 2011

Lorella Paleni

Lorella Paleni

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