Senior BFA Exhibit

Panoramic view of the exhibit

This has been an exciting week. The exhibition showcasing my BFA senior class opened Tuesday. I’m so proud of the show we put together. As one of the largest classes of BFA studio artists, a wonderful variety of art has been produced and it’s been an inspiring journey. I’ve shown work before, but this is the first time I’ve been part of an exhibit on this scale.  There is always lots of hype in the department about the BFA exhibit because everyone is curious to see the work we’ve been making up in our studios. We are put in the spotlight to showcase our work and the program.

my work on display

What I like about exhibiting is that it puts the work in a new perspective. It really is interesting to bring work from the studio into the gallery space and watch people view it. Our opening was well attended and I enjoyed talking with people who were seeing my work for the first time and discussing it outside a formal critique. One of the greatest challenges of art making is to be able to step back and look at the work with an open mind. It’s easy to do when looking at others’ artwork but difficult to see your own that way; the thing that you created, put your ideas into, and spent so much time developing. But hearing the responses by those attending the exhibit can broaden your view of the work.

To see some of our process putting this show up and get introduced to the artists, check out the video below.

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